At Our Holiday Social 2009

So we’ve made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas is knocking on our collective doors. The holiday season is in full swing, and it’s time for the holiday socials to commence. (more…)

I love Sundays. They are just filled with a lot of nothingness to do. WONDERFUL!! I wanted to share some foodie finds and observations that I’ve had over the past two weeks. (more…)

Try this menu for your next date night – don’t forget, this is a couple’s meal! That means you cook it together! (more…)

This week’s recipe comes from G. Garvin. Now, I will say that I am not a G. Garvin fan. However, I do want to try this recipe. I haven’t cooked it yet, so check back for my tips. (more…)

The Fab Foodie is back in the D.C. city limits! I will tell you one thing – it was HOT and HUMID in Orlando. But, I had a good time and ate some good food! (more…)