I love Sundays. They are just filled with a lot of nothingness to do. WONDERFUL!! I wanted to share some foodie finds and observations that I’ve had over the past two weeks. (more…)

One of my favorite summer dishes is sautéed yellow squash. My grandfather grows them in his garden and there is nothing like fresh picked vegetables straight from the earth. (more…)


Springtime is here and has brought its first fruits…yes, my fellow foodies, it is strawberry season.  Those luscious, heart-shaped mounds of sweet juiciness are at their sweetest. I picked up some from Harris Teeter in Shirlington on Monday and they were just perfect.  No wonder they are the most popular berry in the world! (more…)

This week’s recipe comes from G. Garvin. Now, I will say that I am not a G. Garvin fan. However, I do want to try this recipe. I haven’t cooked it yet, so check back for my tips. (more…)

This week’s recipe is new for me.  I’ve seen it made before but never tasted it. So, I tried it on Sunday and it was delicious! It is a great meal for a chilly day when you want something warm.  Think deconstructed chicken chili… (more…)

 My great-grandmother had diabetes. My grandmother has diabetes, and her sister has it as well.