When I started doing research for this article, I only planned to highlight peaches – I have a fantastic peach cobbler recipe from Tyler Florence that I am anxious to try. I ran across an article on peaches and nectarines in the Food section of the LA Times and– the article called them “kissing cousins”. Since there are only small differences between the two fruits (and I haven’t posted a blog in a while), I decided to highlight them both. And anyway, who doesn’t love a sweet nectarine? (more…)

Greetings from sunny (and HOT) Orlando!

 I’m on travel for my 9-5 this week, but I couldn’t leave my 4 subscribers high and dry for a whole week without a post (thanks for the support guys!). This week’s topic is hitting home for me for two reasons: I’m trying to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle and I’m on travel.  (more…)