(Fab Foodie note: This post is WAY overdue… I originally was meant to post it after the Super Bowl but I’m posting it anyway. Forgive me!)

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit with my friend and her family in Delaware and see the “Laugh at My Pain Tour” starring Kevin Hart. It was a much-needed weekend away with great laughs and great conversation. Here are five things that I learned from a weekend in Wilmington. (more…)

For the past few weeks, I have been battling insomnia, and insomnia has been a formidable adversary. (more…)

I have been starting this post for the past two days, and I still don’t know that it’s done. I’m trying to stick to stick to the Post a Week Challenge and let me tell you, it’s hard. (more…)

I was messing around on Twitter the other day (follow me! @thefabfoodie) and one of my friends was tweeting under the influence of alcohol. It’s about equal to drunk texting – both are no bueno. The next day (I assume) he was tweeting soberly about his hangover. I offered him some advice on what to eat and drink to help him ease the pain (my friend Kim says I’m a nurturer), and I decided to pass on my wisdom to you! Unless you don’t drink. In that case, send this link to someone who does! (more…)

A while back, I was suffering from a creative blockage. I posted my lack of creative energy in my status on Facebook, and one of my buddies commented on me being a writer and getting over my writer’s block (please forgive me – I don’t remember the exact phrase.) (more…)

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