Confessions About Food and Life was born while I was watching the movie Julie and Julia. Not that original, I know, but keep reading. There’s a method to the madness…I promise.
I have a B.A. in Communications from Morgan State University, and I apply the skills from my undergraduate education in about 2% of my daily duties. I don’t think I realized that until my 30th birthday last year. It came to me – I am wasting my life and my brain function doing something that does not inspire me in any way.   My challenge: find my inspiration. 
So, I started on my journey to find what inspires me. I was making dinner one Sunday and a lightbulb went off: Food is my inspiration! Cooking is how I share my love for the people around me. Food is my “vehicle of love”. Plus, I’ve always had an affair with the written word – it helps me to relax when I’m stressed, get my words out when I can’t find a way to put them together orally, and is my escape from the craziness that my life can bring at times. My journey was over – I had two sources of inspiration. Now the Million-Dollar question: what’s next?
I’d been toying with the idea of going to culinary school, but I was intimidated by the cost of attendance. Okay, maybe not intimidated – but it costs A LOT. More than I could afford.  My mom was visiting me from North Carolina one weekend and we were watching Julie and Julia. As the story evolved on the screen, all of the ideas and thoughts that were aimlessly swimming around in my head finally made sense.
Some would call it an epiphany.  I call it….Confessions About Food and Life.

This blog combines two things that I am passionate about – food and writing. I want to use this blog to share information about various topics relating to food and life.  You’ll be surprised how much the two intertwine!

I’m excited to share my confessions with you…let’s get started!

Happy eating!

The Fab Foodie