If you’re still following The Sabbatical Files, we’ve finally come to the end of the journey… and the start of a new one. I’ve told you why I needed the break and how jury duty impacted my life. So the final question (and possibly the most important): why return to writing?

A while back I wrote a post on why I write about food (if you missed it, check it out here). During my sabbatical, I never put pen to paper for personal reasons. It was either writing for work or writing for school. Just as I had no joy in food, I had no joy in writing, which had always been my modus operandi for dealing with my issues.

I can’t say that jury duty gave me back my love of writing. I can’t even say that my love of writing has completely returned. What I can say is that one day I woke up and had something I hadn’t felt in a long time – the urge to write. The urge to seek out good food and write about it. The urge to get back in my kitchen and make magic happen. The urge wasn’t overwhelming, like a tidal wave; it was more like a drip that started to annoy me until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I picked up a pencil, put it to paper, and The Sabbatical Files were the result.

The next couple of posts will be leaning back towards food, for all my foodies who are wondering why I’m boring you with my personal life. I’ve got some great foodie finds that I’ll share with you, my Restaurant Week reviews, and some new recipes for great summer produce!

Back to happy eating!

The Fab Foodie