Hi Fab Foodie Faithful!

It’s been a long six months… but your favorite Fab Foodie is back! I needed some time to reflect on life, love, living… and along the way I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I want and need in my life.

During my sabbatical, there was a point when I lost my love of everything I hold dear – including food and writing. I needed something to remind me of why I love food and why I challenged myself to write about my culinary adventures. I stopped cooking because my heart wasn’t in it, and every good cook knows that love is the secret ingredient that makes everything taste better. It was a pretty dark place, and I began to slip further and further into feeling like a complete failure. Nothing felt right anymore.

And then, a blessing came along… disguised as Grand Jury duty.

Now I know some of you are trying to figure out what Grand Jury duty has to do with food and me finding my way back to the things that I love. I’m still trying to figure out how five weeks with 22 strangers reintroduced me to my love of food and willed me back to this blog. There are a few reasons that come to mind… stay tuned for that post! I don’t want to drown you with information so soon. I’m still getting my sea legs back!

Anyway, the next couple of posts will be a recap of my sabbatical – some things I learned, some changes that have come and more that are on the horizon, and most important, my culinary experiences while I was away. Bear with me – I promise you will enjoy the read!

Before I go, I want to thank all my fab readers for your patience with me, and a very special thank you to the few people who reached out to make sure The Fab Foodie was alive and let me know that I was missed in Internetland. You pulled me back… and I am eternally grateful.

It feels good to be back!

The Fab Foodie