I had to take a break from my break because I just ate the Worst Meal Ever.

THE Worst Meal Ever.

If there is anyone who can sympathize with me, it’s you guys…so I HAD to share the awfulness with you.

So…we had lunch delivered today from Red Hot & Blue. If you’ve never heard of it, Red Hot & Blue is a BBQ chain restaurant that specializes in Southern BBQ and cuisine. Now, I don’t know if it is this particular location that we order from or if this is representative of the entire operation, but the food has been (until this point) fair in terms of quality. I ordered the Pulled Pork platter and crossed my fingers for a decent meal.

Now, before I go on, if you are a new reader (hi new reader!) or if you forgot about my addiction to what Northerners call Pulled Pork, check out this post. I’ll wait while you read it.

Ok…welcome back! So now that you have a little background on me and my relationship with barbeque, let’s get back to the story.

So my lunch arrives – cold. Strike one. I decided to get past that because it was delivered. I taste the fried okra – a little cold, but I could work with them. Then I taste the barbeque. OH MY GOD. It was the worst description of pork EVER put on a plate and served to humans with a discernable palate. The meat was overcooked, without any flavor whatsoever, and so dry I could barely swallow it without choking. Strike two and three and however many else you can think of. The cole slaw was heavy on the mayo and also without flavor.

Now, there are few times that I will come to Internet Land and bash a restaurant for bad food – I simply will not eat at the establishment again. But this was just inexcusable. Not withstanding my love of barbeque, even a novice eater would scoff at this awful representation of Southern cooking. It was enough to not only incite my gag reflex…but a pissy attitude to boot.

Red Hot & Blue, you will NEVER cross my lips AGAIN. EVER. You all should be ashamed if yourselves.

I’m off my soapbox…rant is complete. I really do appreciate your patience while I work through my issues. There may be some new things afoot when I return…stay tuned!

The Fab Foodie