(Fab Foodie note: This post is WAY overdue… I originally was meant to post it after the Super Bowl but I’m posting it anyway. Forgive me!)

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit with my friend and her family in Delaware and see the “Laugh at My Pain Tour” starring Kevin Hart. It was a much-needed weekend away with great laughs and great conversation. Here are five things that I learned from a weekend in Wilmington.

1. Family is your greatest gift. I tend to take this statement for granted. I think being an only child make me very comfortable with being solo, and I neglect my family as a result. This weekend reminded me that family can be a shoulder to lean on, a helping hand up when you’re down, or a sounding board to share ideas. I will definitely make a better effort at spending more time with both sides of my family.

2. Kevin Hart is HILARIOUS. Seriously. If you haven’t seen any of his shows, you must check him out. He is a fantastic storyteller, and he sets up his jokes in a way that make you feel like you are having a funny conversation with someone you’ve known forever. Laugh at My Pain Tour = 2 Thumbs Up from the Fab Foodie! To find out when K. Hart will be near you, check out his website:http://www.khartonline.com/tour.html

3. Every relationship has its own timeline. I wouldn’t say that I learned this lesson in Delaware, but it was definitely reinforced while I was there.

4. Sometimes a weekend away is good for the soul. With all the daily stress we encounter in the course of our lives, it’s good to get away and de-stress from time to time. Try it! You don’t have to go to a tropical location or spend a lot of money. Plan a weekend getaway in the nearest big city or pack a bag and visit family or friends in another state. I promise – you’ll feel the stress melting away instantly!

5. A weekend away can help you find your focus. It doesn’t even really have to be a weekend out of town – find a nice hotel with a decent weekend rate and check out of your life for a weekend. Get room service, veg out in bed, or take a good long walk and get in touch with your focus. It does WONDERS.

So there you are – my “Delaware Five”. How was your weekend? Were you happy with the results? I was! My Ravens were avenged! Sadly, I mourn the end of football season. On a side note, NFL Owners and Players, PLEASE work out your differences ASAP. I will be a SAD devoted Ravens fan if you don’t have a 2011 season!

Happy eating!

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