My journey to becoming a foodie has been an exercise in patience.

My early memories of food – my great-grandmother’s fried okra, my grandmother’s liver and onions, my aunt’s pecan pies, and my mom’s fruit salad –always bring me to a happy place. But I wasn’t excited about food back then. I wasn’t interested in flavor profiles, or trying new cuisines, or even cooking. My mom taught me all the basics of cooking by the time I left home for college, but it wasn’t exciting for me to cook dinner – it was more of a necessity. I think the first time I was excited about cooking a meal was the first time I made a meal and paired it with wine. It was a regular night, nothing special about the day. I had a taste for salmon and asparagus, and I decided to go to the local wine shop in Baltimore and get a nice bottle of wine to accompany the meal. It was a Pinot Noir – very dry, sharp peppery finish. It paired very well with the meal. I think that night opened my eyes to cooking. It wasn’t until I moved back to DC that my fascination with the culinary arts began.

When I first moved back to DC from Baltimore, My mom had basic cable. No movie channels, nothing. I was flipping through the limited selection of entertainment and came across Rachael Ray’s show 30 Minute Meals on  Food Network. Now, I’ve always loved to watch cooking shows. When I was a child, Yan Can Cook was my favorite Saturday afternoon program. I had no idea what he was cooking, but I thought he was so entertaining. I digress – back to Rachael Ray. So I was watching this episode, and I started thinking “Wow, that’s pretty easy! I could make that!” I went to the grocery store that same evening and made my take on the dish – it was amazing!

After that, I started watching Food Network religiously. I soaked up all the knowledge I could about food and cooking. I started paying more attention to wine and how it paired with my food selections. I started looking for dishes to try and tweaking the recipe to make it my own. I found myself caring about pots and knives and bake ware and spices. I found something I was passionate about – and I liked it!

So why do I write about food?

Have you ever tried to write at length about a topic you didn’t understand or care about? It’s like pulling teeth slowly out of your mouth – a painful experience. Writing should always be an experience that frees your soul-whether you are angry and need to speak your piece or you are excited and need to tell everyone your great news. The best writers are those whose passion about the subject is tangible thought their written thoughts. That’s why I write about food – I want each one of my readers to feel my passion for food through my words. I want them to understand how my life is made better by the power of food and how I share my love through the arrangement of spices I add to a dish or a perfectly seared steak. Writing allows me to share the best part of myself with all of you.

Why do you write? Have you found your passion? Share in the comments!

The Fab Foodie

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