I have been starting this post for the past two days, and I still don’t know that it’s done. I’m trying to stick to stick to the Post a Week Challenge and let me tell you, it’s hard.

Writing is tough.

There are days when the ideas flow and a post comes with ease. Those are good days. However, days like today, when the writing is a little more difficult and the ideas seem to have dried up, these days are hard. Writing on days when ideas are few and far between really tests your mettle. You have to pull ideas from the jumble of thoughts floating in your head and arrange them in a way that hopefully makes sense to the person who may (or may not) be reading your thoughts. When those thoughts don’t always mesh with each other, it seems easier to let distractions lead you to Facebook and Twitter.

Writing about food is even tougher. Writing about food limits your readers to those who are interested in all things culinary, which can be a bad thing if you don’t know many people who are interested in all things culinary. So my challenge as a person who writes about food is to do it in a way that is interesting to those who love food and those who just like to read my ramblings.

How do you master the art of the written word?


Happy eating (and writing)!

The Fab Foodie


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