A while back, I was suffering from a creative blockage. I posted my lack of creative energy in my status on Facebook, and one of my buddies commented on me being a writer and getting over my writer’s block (please forgive me – I don’t remember the exact phrase.)

Her response gave me pause. Until that point, I hadn’t considered myself a writer. Sure, I had this blog and people read my foodie ramblings from time to time…but I didn’t place that in the category of a “writer”. To me, a writer does this every day, and gets paid for people to read their opinions, or the stories that come to life in their minds. I’ve tried my hand at fiction writing a time or two, but I lack the focus to see it completed. That lack of focus is what I believe distinguishes me from a writer. Blogging is my way of getting the ideas out of my head and making sure that I do something with them. I think I have the qualities of a writer, but saying that I am a true writer is something different – it puts me in a different class.

So, then, how do I classify myself? I’ve been actively blogging for almost a year now, but there is much more to blogging than putting up a new post and hoping that someone will pass through and read it, much less subscribe to your blog. Blogging is finding good material to talk about and keep readers engaged. Blogging is finding different ways to drive traffic to your site, and reading other blogs to see what topics are interesting. Blogging is deciding whether or not to buy your domain name and be official…it’s really a full-time thing. But amongst all these things, do I consider myself a writer? Do I put my writing on the same level as more established writers who have been published in print media? I still struggle with that.

How about you, fellow bloggers? What’s in your name? Do you see yourself as a true writer? Here’s the mic…share!

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January: Poisoning the Press: Richard Nixon, Jack Anderson, and the Rise of Washington’s Scandal Culture – Mark Feldstein

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