Hiiiii Guuuyyyss….

I’m sure you’ve noticed that this post has taken a while. Folks, I’m sad to say that I’ve lost my mojo.


Have you seen it?

I haven’t been in the mood to cook in about a month. There are plenty of excuses that I could give you – stress at work, schoolwork, too hot to cook – but I’m not going to cop a plea. I just don’t have the motivation to cook. I even tried to force myself to get a fake mojo going this weekend. I made a roast chicken – not only did I forget to smack it, I forgot to season it. EPIC FAIL.

I’ve been trying to retrace my steps to remember when I last had my mojo. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had my good mojo going in the kitchen. And, of course, no mojo=no motivation to write=no Confessions for my 15 readers. And believe me, I’ve been to plenty of blogworthy places since my last post (and some not so blogworthy spots too!). I went to the Virginia Wine Festival with my girlfriends and we tasted some great wines, including a white made of 40% habanero peppers – Kiss the Devil! I definitely should have written a blog about that excursion. This past Tuesday, I went to a wine and chocolate pairing at one of my favorite bars in DC, Wisdom (www.dcwisdom.com). Who knew wine and chocolate paired so well together?

My motivation level is at ZERO. If my motivation were a gas tank, I’d be driving with the warning light on.

Maybe I need some good food – I mean some REALLY good food – and some quiet relaxation time to really get my mojo back. Just a quiet piece of time and space where I can try a few new recipes and experiment with some good flavor combinations. Not a vacation – more like a retreat. A “find my cooking and writing mojo” retreat. A time for me to get back to my Fab Foodie roots.

Until that happens, my wonderful readers, bear with me. Send me some inspiration! A good recipe, if you see one. If you’re feeling really generous, I would love a timeshare for a few days! J (It never hurts to ask – maybe Daddy Warbucks reads my blog!)

If you happen to see my mojo – tell her to come home!

Trying to get back to happy eating,

The Fab Foodie