Last night, I visited Greece without leaving D.C. – and it was a wonderful trip!  I had dinner with my friend and fellow foodie Alana Frazier at Kellari Taverna, a Greek Mediterranean seafood restaurant.  We had great conversation and a great meal!

Kellari offers a Theatre Prix Fixe special from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  It is a three-course meal for $35.00.  After much deliberation and some help from our fantastic waiter, we decided on the following choices:

  • Appetizer: Sardines, simply grilled with olive oil and herbs
  • Entrée: Lavraki (Mediterranean Bass with steamed wild greens) and Kotopoulo (roasted natural chicken and feta-infused mashed potatoes)
  • Dessert: Galaktobourico (vanilla semolina custard, fillo crust, orange syrup) and Yiaourtopita (Yogurt Cake with Fresh berries)

simply grilled...simply fabulous!

The appetizer was a beautiful presentation of three whole grilled sardines. The dish didn’t catch my eye at first, since my experience with sardines has been relegated to the canned variety that is usually swimming in oil or mustard. (YES, I told you all my family is from the South.)  It was our waiter, whose name escapes my memory, who did an amazing job selling us on the dish (which isn’t really hard when your audience is two foodies).  The sardines were served whole – heads and bones included. The flesh was tender and flaky, and the minimal seasonings really brought forward the flavor of the fish. It was a bit of a chore navigating the small bones of the fish, but each meaty morsel was worth it. If you have experience filleting whole fish, you will have no problem enjoying this dish.


After the amazing opener to this meal, I was eagerly anticipating the entrées.  I selected the Lavraki, which was a Mediterranean Bass served with steamed wild greens.  It was topped with capers, which added that extra bite of salty flavor to each bite. Again, a fantastic dish loaded with flavor.  The flesh of the fish was moist and tender, and its mild flavor wasn’t masked by the light sauce and the saltiness of the capers. It was served with steamed wild greens, which had a


 lemony taste that complemented the fish well.  The Kotopoulo, a roasted natural chicken served with feta-infused mashed potatoes, was Alana’s entrée selection.  The chicken was “good, cooked perfectly, and had great flavor”. I tasted the feta-infused potatoes, and they were whipped feta-potato loveliness. The feta was present, but not overpowering and the potatoes were light and absolutely wonderful. 

Great appetizer…great entrée…we should not have room for dessert, right?  WRONG. And I’m not saying that because we like to eat.  The meal to this point, although bursting with flavor, did not have us completely stuffed.  I think this is attributed to the wait staff, who gives you ample time between orders to let your food settle before the next course arrives.  I didn’t feel rushed to eat anything for fear that my next course would get cold while sitting in front of me, as most restaurants do. But I digress…on to dessert.  Between our two desserts, I must admit that Alana’s Galaktobourico was my favorite. It could be likened to a Greek version of bread pudding, which is my absolute favorite dessert, but not as heavy. The powdered sugar and unsweetened cocoa really played well with the vanilla. The phyllo provided a light crisp and the custard gave the dish a nice, subtle richness. The Yiaourtopita can best be described as a cheesecake made from Greek yogurt
the ending to a great meal!

instead of cream cheese. The texture was similar to that of a mousse instead of a cheesecake though, which is denser in texture and richer in flavor. The yogurt gave a tangy aftertaste that was mellowed a bit by the seasonal berries that were served with the dish.

All in all, this was a great meal.  Everything was fantastic, and I look forward to going back for more treats from the Mediterranean. If you want to go and miss the prix fixe special, I recommend trying the Three Course Aegean Feast, which is similar to a Chef’s Tasting menu. The couple across from us had a feast of the eyes and stomach – I think we were more interested in their dishes at one point than our own!
  • Kellari Taverna
  • 1700 K Street NW  Washington DC 20006
  • 202-KELLARI

Reservations are strongly suggested.

Happy Eating!

The Fab Foodie