I know…I know…

I’ve been extremely neglectful. I didn’t leave you all with any recipes for Memorial Day, no report on my FANTASTIC trip to Las Vegas, not even a wine or beer suggestion for the great weekend weather.

The Fab Foodie has let my 6 readers down.

But I’m back! Had an awesome time in Vegas…but I can’t tell you about it. You know the slogan – “What Happens in Vegas…” You can finish the rest. But I definitely plan to go back. I will tell you that my diet went totally out the window, thanks to a Pink’s hot dog. You’ve not had a hot dog until you’ve had one of these.

Diet...what Diet?

I’ll have more interesting foodie details after my next trip to Sin City.

Check back soon folks! I’ll be posting all week…summer’s finally here and that means break out the grill!

Glad to Be Back!

The Fab Foodie